M2 and RSS

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a means for you to keep updated about new news articles that appear on your favourite web sites. No longer do you need to visit every site several times a day (or even a hour). Instead, you can be alerted about new stories and then click directly and read the article in question.

M2 provides RSS feeds for its products but for non-subscribers the articles might not be available for very long before they are replaced by new articles. If an article is no longer available you will be invited to sign in to M2.com and read the article using an

It is planned to introduce individual RSS feeds to our subscribers through a secure password-protected RSS feed in the near future. Feel free to with your wishes and feedback.

How can I make use of RSS?

You need to find an RSS news reader program for your computer. Unfortunately we cannot make specific recommendations or give advice as to the best program for your needs, but M2 itself uses (Microsoft Windows) and (Apple Macintosh). Some Internet browsers such as can also provide RSS reader facilities.

Once you are set up, you just bookmark or subscribe to a specific RSS feed. It is as simple as that. You just add the URL of the RSS feed (you may need to consult the instructions of your program) and then wait for the news to refresh.

Below is a selection of M2 products and feeds available for syndication through RSS.