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M2’s range of sector-specific business publications will keep you up-to-date with the latest news and trends, supporting immediate decision-making.

Our publications are delivered direct to your computer via e-mail at any frequency you choose. Publications can also be delivered to your corporate intranet via FTP in an XML format.

Editorial & press release submissions are invited for inclusion in these publications.

M2 Pharma covers the global pharmaceuticals sector and related industries, including general business news, drug launches, people moves, research and development and regulation. Special attention is devoted to generic drug makers, including coverage of generic drug releases and news items on individual companies in the sector. In addition, the service tracks developments in various therapy areas, with a strong focus on the areas of AIDS/HIV, Cardiovascular, Central Nervous System, Diabetes, Infectious Diseases, Inflammatory Diseases, Oncology, Respiratory and Vaccines.

M2 Nordic Business Report (NBR), updated throughout the day, focuses on the Nordic marketplace of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – an under-exposed powerhouse of industrial and technical development – as well as tracking major corporate developments in the Baltic region. NBR provides a tightly focused, concisely written and bias-free briefing aimed at individuals and companies.

M2 Airline Industry Information (AII) is updated throughout the day and provides a current and concise overview of the worldwide airline industry and related industries. It provides key management information in an easy-to-digest format on route changes, code shares, contracts, incidents, politics, deregulation and regulation.

M2 Telecomworldwire(TWW) provides daily coverage of the highly active global telecommunications and IT marketplace. It offers the latest updates regularly, without marketing hype or bias, and is delivered to a diverse global readership of industry participants, users, buyers, consultants, researchers, sector groups and educators.

M2 EquityBites offers timely and concise information on the equity markets around the world.

M2 Banking and Credit News covers the banking and financial services industries on a global level, with the sharpest focus on North America and Western Europe, as well as the major financial centres of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and the Middle East. Published real-time, the service includes stories on lending and corporate finance activity, stories on individual banks and brokerage firms, in addition to regulation and cross-border legislation affecting the sector.

M2 Best Books (M2B), updated several times throughout the week, provides an up-to-the minute global overview of new book launches, publishing news and relevant industry happenings – particularly from smaller presses. M2B offers incisive reviews, to-the-point reportage and thoughtful comment. Unlike other book-focused publications M2B’s uniquely-styled coverage aims to avoid ‘heartless jargon’ and ‘thesaurus-bound’ rambling.

M2 Internet Business News (IBN) offers regular, jargon-free updates on the commercial aspect of this fast-moving market. It also covers relevent telecoms and datacoms information. Our breadth of knowledge and in-depth market awareness provides obvious dividends to readers worldwide.

M2 Corporate IT Update (CIU), unlike the many publications that target the IT-literate community, aims to bring this information to the wider managerial community. It ‘de-jargons’ this critical area and offers easily digestible information for all levels of management. With news published several times a week, CIU provides updates on every aspect of development in this ever-changing industry, enabling you to make the right decision as and when required.

M2 Worldwide Computer Products News (WCPN) keeps track of market developments and provides concise, hype- and jargon-free summaries of new products, keeping you fully informed at all times.

M&A Navigator is an essential tool for mergers and acquisitions professionals. The service includes about 40 global, breaking news stories per day, and each deal is tracked through the deal cycle, from the point it emerges until it closes.